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2019 ︎ Present

from: Carhartt WIP Documentary: Saint Denis

Denis Lynn is a professional-skateboarder and mirco-influencer who has forged a career for ten plus years without utilising any form of social media. Being somewhat of a renegade, Denis is oft phone-less and has always left the content publishing to the marketing and creative teams for the companies he represents. 

His personality, charisma and skateboarding speaks for himself.

Over the past 12 months I’ve collected and archived on Instagram his old, legendary footage from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and off his friends. I’ve also filmed and edited clips from skate-trips and in his day-to-day life.

His engagment rate is now double the average for people with 2500-10K followers (at 11.8% as of Nov 20).

I am now also acting his agent, managing alternative talent bookings including modelling and acting opportunities.

To request a showreel or acting CV please contact me on j@sassand.co with the Subject: Denis Lynn - Talent Booking