@MEMORY4LIFETIME — Social Media and Concept

2018 - 2019

The other-worldly, nostaglic, far-fetched illusion that is the brand For The Memory of a Lifetime set the tone for the strategy I implemented in regards to the label’s social media.

Together with the designer, I also conceptualised the tounge-in-cheek design of the made-to-order Katerina Sneaker in 2019, (which featured images of Russian pop superstar Katarina Kischuk in the logo of a sneaker reminiscent of the iconic Nike Air Force 1.

Aiming to branch outside the usual Western influencer circles, we sourced talent from mostly Eastern Europe, including Kischuk, Ukraine’s dancer/model Sonya Mohova and Hungary’s infamous social-media-star-come-actress, Bianka Berenyi.

Organically I obtained almost 4000 highly-engaged followers for the brand.