A study on the ripple affect of internet and media fueled subcultures, the concept of “the end” of subculture and how the use of Millenial-nostalgia is now stronger, and more important commercially than ever.

— White Paper

Nov 2020 ︎ Present (WIP)

This paper will outline and visualise how the internet subcultures are just as influentual, and if not more than on the development of youth identity post 2005.

The transition from traditional subculture which involves physical proximity, to the current digital environment, allowed introverts to explore, express and form identity, no matter how disconnected they are. The introverted, internet-immersed Millenials found their pre-teen identity (almost entirely) in the exciting, idealistic haven of  internet subdomains such as Myspace, Bebo and later - Tumblr.

However, most importantly, this paper will explore the stark-contrast a decade later; the speed and scale of Gen-Z’s exposure to media, how fast sub-sub-subculture cultures move, on TikTok and alike.

How do we look back to move forward?